Family Reunion 2008

I am exhausted. We went on the most wonderful family vacation this past week but, I don't think we went to bed before 11:30 any night while we were gone. We drove through Idaho to Macks Inn and stayed three nights. Then it was off to Yellowstone and down to Jackson Wy and Dubois Wy for two nights. We got to know new family members and renewed old friendships.

Kenedy got to share a special 10th birthday party with a few other family members.

Bailie and Grandma Jones planned some fun activities for the kids and even the adults had fun playing.

This is Terrence getting all caught up in a spider web.

This was the amazing Lodge at Old Faithful. The woodwork inside was magnificent.
...and this all happened before we were run out of our tent by a Silver Tip Grizzly bear and her two cubs. Let's just say the kids will be talking about this camping trip for many years to come.
Down in Dubois Wy we spent some time with Jeremy's Aunt Pauline and his cousin Karrie. We were also able to visit his Uncle Vic in the living center. It was a very nice visit and I think it meant a lot to Uncle Victor to see everyone. Jeremy told us some stories of his travels with Uncle Vic to the Calgary Stampede when he was younger. You could see in Uncle Vic eyes that those were very fond memories.

This is Pauline, Paul and Karrie at Kathy's house. Saturday night Kathy and her husband Barry invited us over for a fish fry. We had some excellent Walleye that night. The kids roasted smores around the campfire until the bugs threatened to eat them alive.
Exhausting, but needed....our vacation was PERFECT!!!


Baseball Season

Terrence's baseball season has come to an end. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching him play each week. His skills are quickly developing.

What a handsome young man I have. I love you so much son!!!

Now it's on to tournament for Marlee...