Triathlon Pic

I haven't had a chance to post pics of the Vikingman Tri. I am so proud of this guy.....

Nate Broadbent, Josh Forsyth, Peter Thorpe, JEREMY CRAFT, Jeff Wise & Jeff's Bro.
These guys rocked it out.

A blog Award....Yeah me

In all my bloggin' days I have never received an award. My friend Lynn sent me my first ever. You should definitely check her blog out because she has got some scrappin' skillz.
I'm passing this blog award on to:


A Sneak Peak

Here's a sneak peek into our Agnes Trip...

Marlee wanted to cross the River on her own, so she borrowed Mom's hip waders. She did a real good job.

Fish on POP

The Trek up to the lake. It is exactly 1.53 miles to the top, according to my GPS watch.

Mom and Me. I love this lady. I was so glad when they decided to come up with us. I don't think any amount of short notice was going to stop them from getting up to Agnes. Love you guys.

Cookin' Up some Dinner. We had Beef Stew and it was tasty.

Nice Fish Grandpa

Grandma's got one on too.


My Wine Theme Paint Can

I'm guess I'm just full of posts today. But I just had to show everyone what ACHEEPIE on the cricut MB made for me. I am such a lucky swapper. She put a lot of effort into the decoration on my can. Plus she sent me a special homemade treat.

Pics of the Race

Me coming in to the finish line.

Ready to get going.
I found my good friend JaNae and her sister and husband at the race. It was great to see some faces I knew. They all did really well. JaNae's husband was 11th overall. I wish I was that fast, but I don't think it's in the cards for me.

A Personal Record

These are my results from the Bridal Veil Falls 10 K this past Saturday, May 30.

13 Place among the Females
5 in my Age Division
Total Time - 00:52:03
Average Pace - 08:24

I'm super happy with these results. I definitely met my goal. Now I'm looking forward to the Riverwoods 10 mile Race on June 13. I'm well on my way to Hobblecreek Half, my second half marathon.