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These cute crown cards are for an online swap I'm doing. What little girl 10 or younger wouldn't love to receive this yummy treat.


Girls B-Day Card

I made these cards for an online swap. They are for girls 10 and over.

I used all DCWV papers, Martha Stewart glitters, my cricut (Party Hat), cuttlebug embossing folder and my home printer for the title.


Marlee's Valentines Day Party

I had the opportunity to help Marlee and a group of her classmates plan a Valentines Day party. Mrs. Davies claims that this was the best party yet.
We did a cake walk. Marlee put her own little twist on it by having the kids down different dance moves as they moved around the heart shaped markers.

I made heart shaped bean bags for a bean bag toss. The kids tossed the bean bags on to arrows that had cute pet names like, smootchikins, babe, Hot stuff and the like. The kids had a great time playing this one.

Then it was on to the balloon popping game. This one was a little unorganized, but fun nonetheless. The kids were supposed to try to pop the balloons without using their hands, but they had more fun popping the balloons however they could when the others weren't expecting it. So there was mass screaming going on in the atrium.

The kids planned a refreshment table of trail mix, chips, cupcakes and soda. I made heart shaped kool aid ice cubes to float in the Sprite. It was so cute. I'm sorry I didn't get a pic.
At the end of the party the kids had a contest for who had the most creative valentine box. I made a mix CD of "LOVE" songs to play in the background and it turned into a karaoke party.

My LIttle Sports Fanatic

Terrence loves pretty much any sport. We have recently been supporting him in his basketball endeavor. He is one of the tallest kids in the league...and this kid has got some skills. This is his first year playing in a city league so they are focusing on teaching the kids how to dribble and shoot and really just playing for fun not points. His coach is a neighbor of ours, Mr. Muhlstein. He has been great to work with and Terrence really likes his son Isaac.