Mystery Canyon and Pine Creek

One of the first rappels in Pine Creek. It was a pretty cool rappel down a small crevice.
There was a little bit of scrambling to be done. I love these parts.This was a cool shot of Jeremy on a rappel above Marshal who was on the next rappel.
I loved this, we had to hand our bags below us while we did this free rappel. This was a fun one. I think it was about 70 feet.This had to have been the most intense part of Mystery. We had to clip in to a line that went across the rocks and then rappel down over 100'. I have to admit that I was a little intimidated by this one, but I felt a sense of empowerment when I finished it.So I went second and them Jeremy went.The mossy rocks on the cliff face are beautiful. This is the bottom of that intense rappel. If you were talented enough, you could get away without getting wet, but it turns out that we all got wet and a couple of us even got wet twice.Regan getting crazy on one of the many raps.
This was the last of approximately 12 rappels in Mystery Canyon. We came off of a waterfall into the Narrows. There were many onlookers as you can see.

I can't wait until next time!!!


Happy New House to Us......

It isn't final yet, but we had a chance to walk through our new house again today. They have most of the appliances in now, but the cabinets are still missing. You get the idea from the picture though.

My Beautiful Kitchen.

Imagine all the scrumptious goodies that will be popping out of here in the next few months.I've never had a fireplace...this should be fun.

One of the kid bathrooms
The other kids bathroom
Laundry RoomA Child's Bedroom


The Subway

I LOVE this shot of Marlee during the Subway slot canyon.

Here is a link to the entire album if you want to see them too.