Happy Anniversary to us....

Jeremy took me to Zion's National Park for our anniversary weekend. We stayed at Zion's Park Motel which was surprisingly reasonable in price and they had a pool. We had a great time just doing things at a slower pace than usual.
This pic was taken on our hike to Hidden Canyon. We went further than the normally advertised trail and could have gone much farther had we brought the rappeling equipment. Needless to say it was more than we anticipated. We did a lot of scrambling and navigating. There were even a few areas where hikers had left ropes or webbing to use to get over some of the larger boulders. This was SOOOOO fun!! Right up our alley.

This picture is under the waterfall at the Upper Emerald Pools. Of course we couldn't take the paved route to the top, we had to scale the mountain on our own path, but this brought its own benefits. We ran into two deer and got a couple pics of them.

After we had a chance to get back to the room and shower we were off to find a restaurant to eat our anniversary dinner. We rode the FREE shuttle up and down the main road to check out the menu at no less than 4 or 5 different restaurants. I was not going to pay $30.00/plate for a nice meal. So we kept on searching until we found somewhere with a price that was reasonable enough and I could enjoy my dinner.
Here is my oh so patient husband waiting for the shuttle to pick us up at stop #4 of the evening and bratty old me.
I love you babe, thanks for the wonderful weekend. I had such a great time with you.

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