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TodaysMama - Giveaways: "Mama’s Holiday Wish List Meme
TodaysMama and Provo Craft are giving away a sleighful of gifts this holiday season and to enter I’m sharing this meme with you.

1. What 5 items are on your holiday wish list this year?
* Spending time with family and friends
* Happy kids
* A Clean Home
* Finishing up the Fall School Semester
* All my Christmas decorations up with, Christams music playing in the background

2. What is your favorite handmade gift you have received?
* A beautiful love note from my son.

3. What handmade gift have you always wanted to tackle?
* Aprons for all the girls in my family

4. What was the best Christmas gift you received as a child?
* A Cabbage Patch Doll (I imagine my Mom spent many hours waiting in line to purchase it for me, they were very popular at the time.)

5. What items are on your kid’s wish list this year?
* Amazingly none of them have shown me a list yet.

6. What is your favorite holiday food?
* Pecan Pie

7. What will you be hand-crafting for the holidays?
* If I post it here then my family will know what I am giving them. Lets just say that it will be useful everyday if they choose.

8. What is your favorite holiday movie?
* How the Grinch Stole Christmas, I love a good laugh

9. Favorite holiday song?
* I love the entire Martina McBride Christmas Album

10. Favorite holiday pastime?"
* Baking, Baking, Baking.....we don't lose weight over the holidays at our house.

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